Our Lobsterfest is a Lobster Feast


It can get pretty wild out there; it's a world filled with errant tee shots, parking tickets, mosquito bites, traffic jams, and roaming charges. Times can be tougher than Mike Tyson and just a smidge confusing, like puberty. You work hard for your keep and certainly hunt for memorable places to clink pint glasses with your best pals. Well it's time you flip-the-bird to life's minor inconveniences and reward yourself by joining us for our annual Lobsterfest event!

These delicious crustaceans arrive so fresh that you can practically smell the Atlantic sea breeze when they're set on your placemat piping hot on your plate. Weighing in at around 2 pounds our Lobsters are so delicious even Mikey will like it! And since you're going to be treated with all the fixings, arriving from a day-long fast may not be such a bad idea, either that or you should leave the belt at home in your closet to give yourself a little extra breathing room around the waist. It only makes sense to wash down an Atlantic feast with an Atlantic beer, which means that yes; we also welcome you to gulp down an ice cold pint of Alexander Keith's.

We can promise that you'll join us like a Western Canadian, but we can't promise that you won't leave us like an Eastern one, unless of course you're already from the Atlantic, in which case you'll get a little taste of home.